Size of Camp:

  • We have greatly reduced the capacity of our camp this summer to approximately one-third its normal levels. We have increased staffing as required to enable the camp to operate safely and to offer more activities for the campers to enjoy.


Smaller Group Sizes:

  • Each group will consist of a maximum of 8 campers and two staff.


Heath Care Team: 

  • We have hired a comprehensive health care team, consisting of an RN, an RPN and Health care assistants, to ensure we maintain all Covid-19 protocols and integrate them with the daily activities of the camp. 


Session Lengths: 

  • Each session is two weeks in length. Campers will participate in all camp activities with their assigned “COHORT” group for each two-week session. Our camp season is scheduled to begin on July 6th and will run in two week sessions, until August 28.


Groups as individual cohorts: 

  • Each group will be assigned a home base, where they will be able to leave their belongings. 
  • Each home base will also contain its own picnic tables, sports equipment, and cleaning supplies. 
  • Counselors will wear face masks wherever physical distancing is not possible 
  • Groups will still move to various areas around the camp and be socially distanced from other groups when they interact with any other group.
  • Our activity specialists will lead fantastic programs for our campers.
  • Our specialists will ensure whenever possible to maintain appropriate physical distancing from campers and will wear Face Masks when physical distancing is not possible. 



  •  Campers will be appropriately spaced out and limited in the pool or on deck at one time. 
  • Our swim staff will subdivide each group into two and will provide Red Cross instruction to the four campers in the smaller subgroup, across a range of levels. Instructional swim will occur daily for our regular camp and sports camp.
  • Campers will have recreational swim at least three times per week.
  • More details to follow shortly.



  • Due to health concerns we are unable to provide busing for campers this year.


Extended Hours:

  • Since group separation is paramount in everything we do, we unfortunately are not able to provide busing, we have rescheduled our hours to able to offer extended hours beginning at 8:30 am and ending at 5pm. 
  • Our regular camp day is from 9-4 pm.
  • Early arrival/late arrival/ or late pick up. Parents must advise camp if they will be arriving outside of the regular arrival and pick up times… The protocol for drop off and pick up outside of regular times will be established and provided before camp begins. 


Daily Screening:

  • Health guidelines require that each camper will need to be screened daily before entering the camp.
  • It is imperative for every parent to participate in this process by tracking your child’s health while at home. This will include your vigilance to email or hand in upon arrival each day the requisite HEALTH survey we will provide for you to fill out.



  • Each group will be given an approximate arrival window. We do however encourage families to arrive as close to your arrival window if possible. 



  •  Parents will be directed to drive their vehicle under the circular overhang main club entrance where a member of our Health Care Team will greet each camper to ensure they arrive safely and are handed over to their groups after having their temperature taken. Parents are asked to remain in the vehicle (unless your child cannot unbuckle their own seatbelt).
  • We acknowledge that parents may wish to arrive early between 8:30 and 9am.
  • Based on limited spacing under the canopy we will have three stations for Camper check in.
  • We anticipate this will create a slower process and we trust you will be patient and understand that this is for the safety of all Campers and Staff.



  • Each group will be given an approximate pickup window. We do, however, encourage families to arrive as close to your pickup window IF possible. 



  • We will stagger dismissal by group by 5 minutes each.
  • We acknowledge that parents may wish to arrive between 4 and 5pm.
  • Parents who arrive at camp during regular pick up times will be provided with an illustrated map of parking areas close to where their child’s group will dismiss from.
  • Parents are asked to remain in their vehicle until their child’s group is brought up to the parking lot. Our staff will bring them to your assigned area located where you are parked. 


Behaviour Code: 

  •  Due to restrictions of intermingling of groups, campers must be able to stay with their cabin and not wander off. If your child cannot follow the proper procedures and therefore is compromising the safety of all of our campers and staff, they will be unable to participate in camp. There is a strict zero tolerance policy and no exceptions will be made.



  • Requests for siblings close in age to be placed in the same cabin will be honoured (to minimize exposure per family). Please contact the director at well in advance of the start of camp.



  • All food will be prepared fresh daily from the Club Catering Department and will be delivered to the campers prepackaged to ensure food safety. Campers will not be permitted to share any snacks or drinks.


Enhanced Cleaning: 

  • There will be enhanced cleaning of our washrooms and high touch surface areas. Specialty areas will be cleaned before the next group arrives.


Hand washing/sanitizing:

  • Campers and staff will have scheduled handwashing/sanitizing times built into their schedule.


Parent Communication: 

  • The staff will be able to be reached by calling the camp office at extension 258 at any time during camp hours 



  • We are committed to providing a high quality of programming for our campers. We have had to replace programs in order to comply with provincial guidelines (sorry, no cooking activities this year). Unfortunately, we are also unable to offer our Mix & Match programs this year as a result of cohorts.


We are excited about the upcoming summer and the amazing program we have lined up for our campers. We have continued to communicate with Public Health advice to ensure the safe operation of our camp for everyone. The safety of all of our camper and staff is built on the honesty of everyone. In order for camp to maintain a safe environment for everyone, parents must operate with the best intention for all participants. If your child is unwell, he/ she must not be brought to camp

We hope you will decide to allow your child to participate in Camp 2020 at the Richmond Hill Country Club Day Camp. If a session is unable to run due to public health restrictions, refunds will be issued. If you have any questions, or would like to speak to a member of our team, please do not hesitate to reach out. 


For more information:


Jay Wolkoff, Camp Director (416-616-3419 or 905-731-2800 ext. 280 or 258)

Michael Silverman, Camper Relations (905-731-2800 ext. 242)

Wendy Rom, Camp Administrative Assistant (905-731-2800 ext. 240)

Dante Young, Camp Enrollment Director (905-731-2800 ext. 248)