Here at Richmond Hill Country Club (RHCC) we offer fantastic camp facilities for kids. Our objective is to provide your child with the best summer camp experience that is not only enjoyable, but pushes your child to develop new skills and knowledge. Our experience is completely unique and will be different for each child who enters our camp. Surrounded by natural scenery, your child will have the opportunity to partake in a number of sports and activities in our top of the range facilities. They will meet children of the same age range whilst exploring our natural wilderness and making life long friends.

Providing Fun And Personal Development

At Richmond Hill Country Club Day Camp we aim to enhance your child’s personal growth whilst also providing them with hours of endless fun. 

Our facilities have been developed with your child in mind, providing them with a fun, exciting environment in which they can thrive. We not only focus on sporting development, but also the development of your child as a person. We aim to equip them with skills that they are able to carry with them throughout life, both in their personal and professional careers. During their time at our camp, your child will be treated as an individual. They will personally contribute to our camp community, learning about others whilst boosting their own confidence and skillset.


One skill that every child takes away from our camp is the ability to communicate. Being by themselves in a new environment will allow your child to develop communication skills as well as the ability to make new friends. Though natural to us, this is a skill that is learnt as a child and will be carried throughout our lives. By allowing your child to develop this from an early age, they will learn to become independent when it comes to social interactions, which will help to boost communication skills and confidence. Your child will learn a significant deal about themselves, including their strengths and weaknesses. This will allow them to overcome obstacles later in life whilst also using their strengths to improve weaknesses


Our camp for kids will also teach your child the skills required to work effectively in a team. This particular skill is vital for any future job and the earlier it is learnt, the better it can be applied in later life. By learning to work in a team, your child will learn how they can contribute to various situations, whilst also learning when they should simply observe and understand a situation.


Being surrounded by beautiful nature, your child will learn the skill of appreciation. This particular skill set is somewhat overlooked in the modern-day busy environment. However, it is a crucial skill when it comes to happiness and is a great skill to have when building healthy, strong relationships.



Our camp for kids is available for children between the ages of 4 and 14. We place children into groups based on their age, with an average group consisting of 10 to 12 children. Each one of these groups is supervised by two members of our team. 

These members will be a senior counsellor and a junior counsellor, both of which are fully trained to deal with a wide array of situations. By having 2 members of staff in each group, we can ensure your child can explore and enjoy themselves whilst being carefully monitored for their own safety. By splitting your child into a similar age group, they are able to meet other children with the same interests as well as the same level of emotional and physical development. Here are the age groups that we offer.



9am – 4pm

  • 4-5: Grizzlies
  • 5-7: Tiggers for girls, Coyotes for boys
  • 8-12: Jaguars for boys, Cheetahs for girls
  • 7-13: Sports Camp, Tennis, Golf
  • 13-14: Counsellor in Training

Whilst participating in our camp for kids, your child will be introduced to a number of sports, some of which they may have come across before, while some may be new altogether. These sports have been carefully chosen for the fun that they offer as well as the different ways they can help to develop your child. They consist of both indoor and outdoor sports, which allows us to introduce a wide range of new settings to keep things fresh and exciting. We also offer a number of activities that are designed to challenge your child when they are not participating in sports. We understand that some children may prefer sports to others. As a result, children will have the opportunity to experience both sports and unique, fun activities. Our camp for kids is located in the heart of a stunning natural environment, in which we offer a range of high-quality facilities. These facilities include both an indoor and outdoor swimming pool, indoor and outdoor tennis courts, an outdoor basketball court, two outdoor playgrounds and three outstanding indoor playrooms. Each of our facilities are carefully monitored throughout the year to maintain their high standards. 


We have designed a number of specialized programs to provide each child with a well-rounded experience.

We combine a mix of sports and additional activities, with fun at the heart of everything we do. Our camp for kids allows children to test out a wide array of sports, allowing them to discover their own strengths and weaknesses. With so many sports available, your child is guaranteed to find the sport that they love. In the afternoon and evenings, we also offer a range of activities to allow children to wind down and relax after a busy day. These activities teach your children a wide array of skills, as well as unique knowledge through hands-on experience. Please find a breakdown of what we have to offer below.


Any child between the ages of 7 and 13 can take part in our sports camp for kids. This camp is available for children of all physical ability and skill levels.

This action-packed, fun-filled option incorporates a wide number of different sports including tennis, soccer and basketball as well as more unique sports such as gaga, rock climbing and even archery. This balance of sports means that your child can try out new skills whilst developing skills they had prior to their arrival at our camp. Upon arrival, campers will be divided into groups honouring franchises from the City of Toronto and participate in three of the four specialities each day. After a day of sports, your child will also have the opportunity to participate in instructional swims and recreational swims too. These sessions are monitored by Red Cross certified staff, who guarantee complete safety within our pools. Each drill that we offer throughout the week has been designed to be as fun as possible, providing your child with the opportunity to develop their skills and make new friends.

The activities that we offer include Arts & Crafts, Jewelry and Beading, Creative Movement, Animals & Reptiles, Drama, Music, Nature, Cooking, Games and many others! Each activity is carefully monitored by one of our highly trained members of staff as well as an expert when required. We ensure that every session is both fun and exciting, providing your child with an alternative to the many sporting opportunities that we have on offer.